• Question: Why does science excite you?

    Asked by anonymous to Steve, Emma, Christian, Bose, Alice on 9 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by Beth, finn_ashfield15m8, presshandstands6, lucy, ali.
    • Photo: Alice Harpole

      Alice Harpole answered on 9 Mar 2016:

      This probably sounds slightly cheesy, but I love the idea of discovering the secrets of the universe. In scientific research, you’re finding out new things about how the universe works that no-one has ever known before. In my area of research, astrophysics, you also get to study some really cool objects like neutron stars and black holes that work in ways very different to the physics that we see here on Earth.

    • Photo: Emma Dean

      Emma Dean answered on 9 Mar 2016:

      I just find learning about how our world and the universe works fascinating. It’s a feeling I get that I find quite hard to explain. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to magic. Magic seems fun and fascinating, and course I would love to have magical powers. Except the universe is real. It is incredibly complex, and the way it works is so strange, yet beautiful. So I guess science is my magic, and becoming a scientist is my way of being a real magician.

    • Photo: Steve Marsden

      Steve Marsden answered on 10 Mar 2016:

      I’m not really sure. I enjoyed studying it at school, and later university. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment looking at how our knowledge progresses year by year, and knowing that I helped to contribute to that progress.

      A lot of it just comes out of curiosity. If a random question occurs to you, you can often just ask someone else, or look it up online. This often leads to slightly more detailed questions, and at some point though you run into a wall. You find that no-one has yet managed to answer your question, and there’s no option other than to go out and find the answer yourself.